Breakout design supply artwork header

Please supply artwork in PDF format. Please supply all finished artwork with crops and 3mm bleed where appropriate.

When creating artwork, we recommend you use the following postscript compatible (recommended software):
• Adobe Indesign• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Pagemaker• Freehand
• MultiAd Creator• QuarkXPress
Not Postscript compatible:
Note: we can convert these files for an extra charge.
• Microsoft Word• Microsoft Powerpoint
• Microsoft Publisher• Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop should be used for image manipulation only.
• PDF Version 1.4
• Postscript Level 3
• ICC Compliant No
• Colour Model CMYK or spot colour (no RGB or indexed colour)
Fonts & Type
• Font embedding required Yes
• Font subsetting allowed Yes
• Minimum pt. size for colour type 8pt
• Minimum point size for reversed coloured type 10pt
• Minimum point size for single colour type (100% C, M, Y or K) 6pt
• Format EPS, TIFF or JPEG
• Minimum resolution for colour images 150dpi
• Minimum resolution for greyscale images 150dpi
• Total ink weight 240%